CIO Executive Council - The Shift Toward an Intelligent Enterprise

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Credit: CIO Executive Council

CIO Executive council Webcast

Virtual Session Summary

One of the primary goals of digital transformation is to create an intelligent enterprise that focuses more on creating business insights than collecting massive amounts of information. The benefits of an intelligent enterprise (IE) are clear: more visibility into the data, faster response to changes in the market and customer demands, and a sharper focus on higher-value objectives. Establishing an IE, however, not only requires a more intelligent and intuitive architectural framework, but also a structural change in the way processes are conducted and people engage with one another both inside and outside an organization.

During this session, we looked at how companies have created a framework for IE and implemented systems and strategies to create an actionable intelligence environment. Our experts also cited some of the challenges in adapting to a structure and philosophy that balances analytics with internal culture.

The US CIO Executive Council was joined by Richard Wiedenbeck, SVP & CIO at Ameritas; Lookman Fazal, Chief Information & Digital Officer at NJ Transit, and Joseph Pucciarelli, Group Vice President & IT Executive Advisor at IDC.

About the CIO Executive Council 

Believing in a members-first approach, the CIO Executive Council, a division of International Data Corporation, provides strategic leadership development for the transforming C-suite at the world's most influential and evolving organizations. 

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