CIO Executive Council - Managing and Motivating a Hybrid Workforce

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CIO Executive Council

Virtual Session Summary

As companies continue to gradually phase employees back into an adapted office environment, a significant portion of the workforce will remain remote, for safety reasons, for logistics, and because these revamped offices just cannot support a full workforce. While the percentage of those returning may change over time, many workers will permanently remain remote as part of a hybrid workforce. 

This dynamic will require new approaches in managing and motivating this mix of onsite and offsite workers, as well as more flexible metrics in terms of measuring performance and identifying key personnel.

Such initiatives were discussed during this session. We were joined by Lisa Davis, CIO at Blue Shield of California, Kendra Ketchum, Vice President of Information Management and Technology at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and Eric Bloom, Adjunct Research Advisor at IDC.

About the CIO Executive Council

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