CIO Executive Council - Managing Cultural Transformation & Diversity

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Virtual Session Summary

Potential new hires for an IT organization are typically evaluated for their technical skills, the ability to work in a group or independently, and their cultural fit within an organization. The objective is to identify candidates whose cultural attitudes align with the values, behaviors, and overall objectives of the organization. What is usually not considered, however, is an individual's ability to easily adapt to changing cultural conditions that are impacted or shaped by digital transformation as well as external forces that may be beyond a company's control.

This session examined the challenges of managing cultural changes within an that may be impacted by unforeseen situations and rapidly changing internal and external forces. We were joined by David Behen, VP & CIO at La-Z-Boy, Inc., John McGuthry, VP & CIO at Cal Poly Pomona, and Jesse Carrillo, SVP & CIO at Hines.

About the CIO Executive Council

 Believing in a members-first approach, the CIO Executive Council, a division of International Data Corporation, provides strategic leadership development for the transforming C-suite at the world's most influential and evolving organizations. 

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