CIO Executive Council - Succession Planning: Tactics to Identify, Develop and Retain Key Employees

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Virtual Session Summary

Succession planning is a common practice for most IT organisations and businesses.  It can be used to identify key people within an organisation who have the right knowledge, skills, and capabilities to quickly fill vacant roles or meet the demands of new challenges that may arise as a result of digital transformation or mergers and acquisitions.

Unfortunately, many companies limit succession planning activities to management and executive leadership roles.  In doing so, they fail to recognise that the established career roadmaps for up-and-coming individuals can not only identify people with leadership potential but also be an effective way to retain workers considering the current IT crunch.

This session focused on succession planning techniques and strategies that can be used to identify talented people within your organisation, take an active role in their career journeys, and successfully retain "tribal knowledge" that can benefit the business and create a culture of growth and opportunity.  Our panelists also discussed how their efforts in developing succession plans and individual career roadmaps have contributed to reskilling activities and attracting outside candidates.  We are joined by Anupam Khare, VP & CIO, Oshkosh Corporation, and Damon Carter, Adjunct Research Advisor, IDC.