CIO Executive Council - Augmented Intelligence & Cognitive Systems: Impact on Customer Experience

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CIO Executive Council Webcast - Augmented Intelligence & Cognitive Systems: Impact on Customer Experience

Virtual Session Summary

One of the most effective and tangible uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling technologies is as a front-line responder to customers via automated applications that provide rapid access to information, channel queries to the right person or department, and provide a self-service alternative to long waits on hold to speak to an actual person. Virtual assistants can significantly reduce call volume and increase efficiencies, especially when supported by dedicated teams that can monitor the customer experience and tweak the software to respond to new questions.

However, as the use of intelligent and cognitive systems continues to expand in the enterprise is there a price to pay in terms of a company’s brand or distinction in the market? Also, as these technologies evolve and their use expands both internally and externally will the result be a fast and efficient, but ultimately homogenized approach to customer engagements?

During this session we explored the current and future impact intelligent and increasingly intuitive systems will have on the customer experience and in a business not-as-usual world.  The CIO Executive Council was joined by Rick Stark, CIO at CrowdStrike and David Wallace, Research Director, Customer Intelligence and Analytics at IDC.

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