CIO Executive Council - Innovation at the Crossroads Webcast

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CIO Executive Council Webcast - Innovation at the Crossroads

Virtual Session Summary

Nearly everyone agrees that innovation is one of the key drivers of digital transformation. The problem is that most early innovation projects deliberately lacked the controls assigned to typical business projects out of concerns they might create barriers to creativity. Today, however, the thinking is that to be effective innovation should be assigned some objective, or at least have metrics that can be used to measure progress or a return on investment (ROI). 

Typically, ROI categories are the same as those in business: profit, efficiency, productivity or customer satisfaction. But, do these types apply to an exercise that often counters incumbent business models and measures of success due to its inherent ‘free-form’ and free-thinking nature? 

This session explored the new rules and structure of enterprise innovation, as well as current ROI metrics, and whether it is possible to successfully align innovative initiatives with business strategies. 

Tim Scannell, CIO Executive Council was joined by Gustav Toppenberg, Ph.D., Chief Enterprise Architect at Boston Consulting Group; Brad Clay, SVP, Chief Information and Compliance Officer at Lexmark International, Inc.; and Alizabeth Calder, Research Adjunct Advisor at IDC.

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