Frameworks for IT Value and Leadership

IT Value Matrix®

The IT Value Matrix® which illustrates the principles and practices essential to creating, identifying and communicating IT’s value to the enterprise. The Matrix identifies approximately 130 value-related activities grouped under three key practice areas - stakeholder alignment, communication and the CIO’s role. The practices are organised as a series of nested activities that progress form the general to the very specific. All 130 activities tie back to 7 timeless IT leadership principles.

Enduring Principles of IT Leadership

*Numbers 1 – 7 adjacent to Matrix components indicate which principle(s) provide the strategic foundation for that component

  1. The primary goal if IT is to align with major enterprise objectives so that every technology initiative is clearly tied in a provable way to business value.
  2. Because all major business initiatives are dependent on technology, the CIO must have a voice in making business decisions.
  3. With technology a critical component of business strategy, the CIO must understand a business’s complexities, influence executive peers and present technology strategy in appropriate, understandable business terms.
  4. Technology leaders are agents of change, transition is a stable state.
  5. Communication and relationship building are equally as important to leadership as technology skills.
  6. Successful technology leadership must a strike a balance between competing forces: short v’s long-term value, technology v’s business focus, driving v’s enabling.
  7. The CIO relationship is responsible for cultivating technology leadership at all levels of the enterprise

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