Frameworks for IT Value and Leadership

The Future-State CIO® Model

Council members recognised that their own roles were shifting from a predominately internal, IT functions focus to one that was more business strategy oriented and external facing. The problem was that whilst this shift is good for business value, many IT leaders were not well equipped for the demands of such a role shift.

To address this, Council CIO members created a model outlining 3 typical leadership approaches (or CIO archetypes) to the role, with an implied progression from the internal functional approach to the external business approach.

Using this Future-State CIO® Model, IT leaders can identify themselves as one of the three leadership types based on their current primary activities. Of course, no CIO is purely one of the three archetypes. Everyone spends some portion of their time working across each archetype; however, to be valuable and relevant long-term the Council contends that a CIO should spend most of their time focusing on transformational and Business Strategist activities.