Frameworks for IT Value and Leadership

IT Leadership Competency Model | 9 Executive Core Business Competencies

CIOs who want to shift their leadership focus beyond the IT function need to cultivate and emphasise leadership competencies that will equip them to lead effectively at the enterprise level and at the business strategy table.

In 30 years of assessing C-level talent, global executive recruitment firm Egon Zehnder International determined that 9 competencies are core to c-level executive success.

The 9 core competencies are as follows:

PEOPLE & ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Developing the long-term capabilities of others and the organisation as a whole, and finding satisfaction in influencing or even transforming someone’s life or career.

TEAM LEADERSHIP: Focusing, aligning and building effective groups both within one’s immediate organisation and across functions.

STRATEGIC ORIENTATION: Ability to think long-term and beyond one’s own area, involving three key dimensions: business awareness, critical analysis and integration of information, and the ability to develop an action-oriented plan.

CHANGE LEADERSHIP: Transforming and aligning an organisation through its people to drive for improvement in new and challenging directions.

COLLABORATION & INFLUENCE: Working effectively with, and influencing those outside of your functional area for positive impact on business performance.

RESULTS ORIENTATION: Being focused on improvement of business results.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Understanding the market in which a business operates, including the competition, the suppliers, the customer base and the regulatory environment.

EXTERNAL CUSTOMER FOCUS: Serving and building value-added relationships with customers or clients.

COMMERCIAL ORIENTATION: Identifying and moving towards business opportunities, seizing chances to increase profit and revenue.

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