CIO Executive Council - Technical Debt Minimising Short-cut Liabilities

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CIO Executive Council Podcast - Technical Debt: Minimising Short-cut Liabilities

Virtual Session Summary

Although agile methodologies and phased-based software development are key components in a transformational enterprise environment, an unwelcome byproduct of excessive deadline-driven development is technical debt. Basically, it involves taking short cuts on projects that result in liabilities that may be more expensive or time-consuming to fix down the road. In software development, technical debt can occur if quality control is sacrificed as projects are accelerated from initial concept to alpha, beta, and final release. Or, it might result when software or hardware workarounds are applied as alternatives to more permanent repairs or the replacement of legacy systems. 

This session examined the problem of technical debt in the enterprise and offered advice on how to deal with the problem and minimize ensuing issues like lack of interoperability, security vulnerabilities, redundant systems, and costly design flaws. We were joined by Robert Quarterman, Vice President Technical Debt Management & Remediation, FEP Operations Center, CareFirst; Dave Shah, Director Global IT Infrastructure, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.; and Mike Rosen, Adjunct Research Advisor, IDC.

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