CIO Executive Council - Beyond Data Analytics - Taking a Deeper Dive into Data Analytics

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CIO Executive Council Podcast – Beyond Data Analytics: Taking a Deeper Dive into Data Intelligence 


Everyone agrees that collecting data is only useful if you can effectively analyse the information – structured or unstructured – and extract valuable intelligence that can then be used to achieve an objective. This needle in a (data) haystack might be a potential business opportunity or information related to a current or potential client. The point is that you can use this intelligence and act on it quickly. 

What most people fail to realise, however, is that there is another aspect of data intelligence that is perhaps more important to the process of transforming data into actionable information. It is not intelligence informed by the data, but a portrait of the data itself, as defined by the metadata that can assign contextual aspects such as location, relevancy, reliability, quality, and more. The result is a clearer view of who is using what data and how it is being used, where the data comes from, and what relationships are most useful in terms of subsequent actions on this intelligence. 

This session explored the importance of data relevance, reliability, and significance as part of an intelligent enterprise, offering tips and insights from experts and practical users. We were joined by Ken Finnerty, President, Information Technology, UPS; Ankur Jain, Sr. Director & Head of Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Rubrik, Inc.; and Stewart Bond, Research Director, Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software, IDC. 

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