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CIO Executive Council

CIO Executive Council 

Virtual Session Summary

Digital transformation activities in the enterprise are pushing IT organizations to evaluate current systems and processes, with an eye toward replacing or upgrading existing technologies with newer solutions.

Companies are also looking at reducing their technology debt to improve efficiencies and limit liabilities as they consider budgets for 2020. Retiring, replacing, rebuilding and even retaining existing systems and solutions partners does require careful budget planning, especially as technology advances continue and the balance between operational requirements and innovation efforts becomes more critical.

This session looked at the latest challenges in developing an IT budget to meet the needs of a digitally transforming organization in light of rapid technology changes and shifts in IT strategies. We were joined by Michael Smith, VP & CIO, American Academy of Family Physicians; Richard Wiedenbeck, CIO, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp; and Joe Pucciarelli, Group Vice President & IT Executive Advisor, IDC.

About the CIO Executive Council

Believing in a members-first approach, the CIO Executive Council, a division of International Data Corporation, provides strategic leadership development for the transforming C-suite at the world's most influential and evolving organizations. 

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