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Our mission is simple – to facilitate robust interactions among our global leaders in order to bring measurable value to their organisations and to support their professional development.

The CIO Executive Council is an unbiased safe-haven for IT executives who are seeking professional advancement and to develop their leadership skill sets, showcase their successes and make better, more informed decisions.

Providing each member a highly individual experience that draws upon a wealth of resources, including:

• Unlimited, reality tested peer-to-peer interaction;

• In-depth industry knowledge base (access to 3000+ local and global CIO contributed resources);

• Business-focused events that aim to advance the CIO role (roundtables, teleconferences, etc.);

• Professional development programs for you and your team;

• CIO designed frameworks for realising IT value and leadership;

• Communities of practice and media/public relations opportunities.

Whilst the Australian/New Zealand (ANZ) Council is part of the global organisation, we work on a decentralised model and have our own ANZ Advisory Board of Directors, made up of local CIOs. This affords us the support and reach of a global organisation, whilst allowing us to set our own agenda and address issues most pertinent to our region.

As a member, your dedicated Client Relationship Manager provides you with a highly facilitated experience that is customized to your specific goals, investments, priorities and opportunities. You will be assigned a personal “information concierge” who will provide filtered CEC resources - only what you need, when you need it!

You can leverage your membership in your own unique way. From attending exclusive closed door roundtable breakfasts, CIO Summits to one-on-one dialogues with fellow members through mutual introduction’s and peer requests. Through it all, we work with you to define the engagement model that suits you best.

If you would like to speak to someone about who we are and what we do simply contact:

Joyce Long 

Relationship Manager 

CIO Executive Council from IDG

P : +61 2 9902 2767

We welcome your comments and questions. 

Our Council staff will respond promptly