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Pathways differentiates itself from other leadership training programs by focusing on real issues and problems in the business environment. The program provides IT management professionals the opportunity to engage with, and learn from, successful CIOs and collaborate with peers on a local and global level. The flexible format and structure of Pathways is far more beneficial than a classroom environment can provide Manager ERP & Business Systems, Hess Corporation

Specialised 12-month CIO designed and delivered program

Specialised 12-month program developed and delivered by practicing local and global CIOs
Turning today’s ICT professionals into tomorrow’s business leaders

Developed by the CIO Executive Council, Pathways is a unique, flexible, self-managed, self-paced 12-month professional development program that brings together best practices, thought leadership and business insights for today’s most promising ICT professionals. Pathways is designed and delivered by leading local and global CIOs; enabling participants to capitalise on mentor CIOs personal experiences, expertise and knowledge. Pathways is not about the technical – it is about helping ICT professionals build their core business competencies allowing them to move away from the operational (where ICT is inevitably viewed as a cost centre) through the transformation of the final position of Future-State CIO. At the Future-State level an individual is outwardly focused, a true business partner and utilising technology to deliver competitive advantage to the business.

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“As a business partner for IT I found the program very useful. The face to face meetings I attended provided opportunities to network and hear from CIO’s on topics such as security, dealing with a cyber-attack and managing supplier contracts. The web seminars covered a range of topics and were well presented by CIO’s from different companies with follow up sessions answering questions from participants. All in all I feel the program has provided me knowledge and techniques that enable me to engage more confidently in a broader range of discussions with the executive team.”
David Lawrence
Business Partner – IT (Tertiary Education) Corporate Services, Business Transformation

“The CIO Executive Council was able to provide an on-line facility to reach out to peers for information regarding Managed Print Services (MPS) across Asia-Pacific. In addition to the on-line access, Kierra and the team proactively assisted in connecting with peers who had experience with the vendors I was researching. These connections provided a balanced view of these MPS service offerings which assisted in the decision-making process, and has helped reduce the risk and costs to our business.”
Steve Dusting
IT Associate Director, Australia New Zealand
“Thanks very much for organising the session on ICT Strategy, my first CIO Pathways webinar having just joined the program. Carsten offered lots of insights and examples that I can utilise for my own organisation. I expect I will more rapidly now be able to develop an ICT Strategic Plan that is aligned with the wider Organisational Strategic Plan to give clarity to the business in the sometimes technical murkiness of IT. Thanks again, and I am now looking forward to next months session on perfecting the CIO/CFO relationship.”
Pathways participant
Senior Manager ICT Strategy Solutions

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