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Pathways: Actively Marketing ICT to the Business Presentation

Christopher Johnson, IT Director Asia Pacific, Twentieth Century Fox Film Co Ltd

Too often ICT is viewed in the business as the black box with excessive costs, large head counts, inflexibility and a belief by the business that ICT should just happen. At one end of the spectrum we have major business decisions made without ICT considerations thus producing reactionary implementations that are costly and time sensitive - this ultimately leads to ICT receiving a bad reputation. At the other end we have users not knowing all the tools available, or how they can utilise those tools to deliver business value and increase their user satisfaction. Marketing success equals business engagement - this is your secret weapon. It is all about giving the internal customer what they want and identifying the most effective ways to illustrate your delivery to their needs.

Pathways: Project and Portfolio Management Presentation

Regional Director, Chief Information Office, Australia and New Zealand, Jones Lang LaSalle

The key objective of project and portfolio management is to deliver an outcome in an orderly manner that is on time, on budget and according to, or exceeding, predefined specifications. Ensuring that you have a solid governance framework in place for your projects will build a strong foundation for their success. ICT governance is about who is entitled to make major decisions, who has input and who is accountable for implementation. As an ICT leader, you will be required to assign decisions correctly and create an accountability framework that encourages desirable behaviour in the delivery and returns from your investments.

CIO EC Webinar | Having Influence: Importance of Brand and Profile

Irrespective of whether you are in an ICT leadership role or not, successful people have honed their skills in creating influence. Influence is key when it comes to dealing with others over whom you have no direct authority. Fi Slaven, General Manager, William Buck, facilitated the conversation, and discusses how influence can get others to help you, help shape others’ opinions and perceptions on matters of importance to you and/or the organisation, seek support for an idea or concept and achieve a common understanding of challenges.

Pathways | Understanding & Delivering Business Value through Innovation

Each moment of interaction between yourself, as a service provider, and your customer, can be called ‘a moment of opportunity’. Chris Clark, CIO, shares why a customer-focused environment is a crucial part of innovation; what ICT leaders can to do to better understand the needs of customers and more in this brief video preview of the March Pathways session Understanding & Delivering Business Value through Innovation.

Pathways | Building Executive Level Relationships – Stakeholder Alignment

Ever wondered why your great ideas don’t seem to get the support they deserve? Feel like nobody gets ‘IT’? An ICT Leader’s survival and success depends on building solid relationships with executive-level colleagues. Peter Nevin, CIO, Genea, describes the Journey an ICT leader needs to go through to ensure they are included in the decision making process in this brief video preview of the September Pathways session Building Executive Level Relationships – Stakeholder Alignment