Council Initiatives | Cyber Security Handbook

In late 2013 the Australian CIO Advisory Board highlighted that there is a definite lacking of high-level, CIO/business focussed information around Security. Everyone talks about technology and process – but what about the next level, what about what CIOs should, and want to be talking about (CEO and board engagement, People and culture, third party exposure etc).

At the request of our CIO member organisations we committed to creating a practical handbook designed to give real world insights (case studies), models and metrics to help CIOs elevate the security discussion.

This guide isn’t about company promotion or selling services (in fact no money changed hands) it’s about helping provide CIOs with the practical tools to make the absolutely essential case for security awareness.

Our partner: We looked at whom in the Australian and international landscape was doing the best research and content creation around high-level security. We identified Deloitte Australia as our partner of choice – they were on board from the start with what we were aiming to do. Again, for both of us there was no agenda other than to create a guide to provide CIOs with useful information around security.

Download CIO Executive Council Cyber Security Handbook

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